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From the delight of hitting a six on the last ball, to bowling that perfect inswinging yorker. From the magnificence of holding a trophy to exhilaration of millions celebrating a win, cricket has given us a lot. We have played it, we have watched it and we have lived it all. But behind the fans and the fanatics, it still is a game played for the passion of hitting the ball with a bat, for taking that brilliant running catch near the boundary, for the stubbornness of wanting to play the sport that runs in our veins. Ferit Cricket Bash is a celebration of all these emotions, so come on board and be a part of this one of a kind amateur cricket league.

What is FCB?

A unique league for the true cricket enthusiasts not held by age or opportunity, competing to become a part of the 16 teams only to be selected after a rigorous trial and shortlisting process. And once you are in, it rewards you for it. With its signature 15 over format where one over between 7th to 12th is played with an extra swing ball, it presents a new twist to the game we have all grown up with. With FCB, you get a chance to brush up your skills under the guidance of cricketing legends, top rated cricketing coaches in the country and showcase your talents to the world.

That’s not all. We will be coming to your city. FCB will conduct trials in 23 States- Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, MP, Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, TN, Telangana, Uttarakhand, UP and West Bengal Are you on board?

Why is fcb
a new era
in cricket?

Cricket, the game you love, in an adrenaline filled 15 overs format, with one over played with an extra swing ball. FCB will test your skills as well as give you a chance to shine on a reputed stage.

Unique Playing Gear

A Special Synthetic Ball has been conceptualized exclusively for FCB. It is made in vibrant and cool neon orange color to attract the young generation. It has the bounce and swing of a normal cricket ball.

Feature 1

Attractive looking ball in a neon orange colour

Feature 2

Grip and seam same as cricket ball

Feature 3

Bounce and Impact same as cricket ball

Feature 4

Safer for players

Leadership & Partners

Zaheer Khan

Former International Cricketer & Co-Founder

One of the best fast bowlers to ever play for India, Zaheer Khan came to Mumbai at the age of 17. He rose to dominate India’s bowling attack for most part of 21st century’s 1st decade. He has now partnered with FCB to hunt & train India’s best amateur bowling talent!

Suniel Shetty

Actor, Entrepreneur & Co-Founder

Suniel Shetty was one of the first Bollywood stars to emerge as a fitness icon in the 1990s. Now a successful businessman, Suniel Shetty continues to live up to his commitment to fitness and active sport.  Having led many national campaigns on sports & fitness in India & around the globe, he’s come on board FCB to offer the best of fitness counseling to India’s aspiring cricketers!

Jasmeet Bhatia

Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder

A State & county level cricketer & an astute businessman, Jasmeet has donned both the hats with equal flamboyance. As a CEO, his vision & passion for cricket laid the very foundation of FCB. Having spent over 10 yrs in the Real Estate, Exports & Finance industry, Jasmeet is now investing himself into this mission of taking India's cricketing potential to the heights it deserves

Mitesh Sharma

Entrepreneur, MD & Co-Founder

A young Indian entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist, Mitesh is the Founder & Managing Director of Ferit Sports India Pvt. Ltd. Despite establishing a huge name for himself in the granite mining industry, Mitesh could never give up on his first love; Cricket! With FCB, he's coming back to roll the balls on the field!

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